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The Story of Carla...

There’s someone I want you to meet, someone within the first five minutes of our gathering their story fascinated me, their endurance for life motivated me and dedication for motherhood filled my heart.

I want you to meet Carla, in my head (and on my phone) I call her Carla crossfit but she’s not defined by what she does, because she has done so much in her life , and definitely will be doing a lot more now that she’s a mother as well, so read along won’t you?
She’s a former competitive kayaker in South Africa and the Netherlands, 3 time winner of The Lowland’s Throwdown which is  a huge Crossfit competition that takes place in The Netherlands since 2010. She won from 2010 to 2012. In 2013 she came in 3rd post injury at The CrossFit Games. It is a massive competition that has recently been recognized by as an official competition. She went to regionals and won once, and twice in Europe and finished Top10 in 2012, then went on to winning the Africa Regionals in 2013.

Meet my boy

Have you met a boy who knows the name of every insect that crawls on his hands

Have you met a boy with a dimple on his cheek and frown on his head

Have you met a boy with chocolate in his teeth and sand on his feet

Have you met a boy who in nature feels free and have stories of adventures that never end

Have you met a boy with unaccountable bruises on his knees and scars that you can’t even believe

Have you met a boy with broken eye glasses and torn up jeans

Have you met a boy who makes friends wherever he goes even if they don’t speak the same language

Have you met a boy who once hated cheese but now wants it on every meal

Have you met a boy who is the life of the party and the leader of the troops

Have you met a boy who hates sleeping since the day he was born

Have you met a boy with anger issues like he has the world’s problems on his hands
Have you met a boy with a heart of gold and appreciation for family close and far
Have you met a boy who makes you melt with a kiss and forget why you were…

The "mommy" struggle!

Few days ago @dubaimother and @arabianmum sparked a conversation about honest motherhood and keeping our feelings real and there’s no harm is saying them out loud. So just until last night did my kids realize what is it that I did before I became a “mommy” and they thought me being a news anchor on tv was “so cool”! And my 7 year old super impressed, asked me if I can please go back to doing what I was doing but also stay their “mommy”? The 4 year old had a meltdown because she wasn’t with me on the tv screen.

This sparked a conversation between some expat mommy friends about what each of us had to compromise , “career wise” by moving to Angola, or to follow the husband to where his own career takes him, choosing to leave behind what we have worked for and succeeded in for many years. The one who is a fresh expat was relieved hearing the stories of how we struggled in the beginning to adjust to a life where there’s no 9 to 5 or “at home” and household responsibilities were the only thing…

A story of inspiration from Angola

Meet the woman who makes Angola’s abandoned kids look forward to a better future.
The first time I met her she amazed me with her drive , passion and level of involvement with these kids, a level of involvement that goes beyond volunteering some of your personal time, and becomes part of your daily life. I did not understand how she had all this strength in her to deal with daily troubles and heartbreaking issues of street children in Angola.

Estelle Dogbe has been working with international development and humanitarian projects for over 15 years mostly in Africa. Since high school she knew that this is what she wanted to do. Wanting to discover the world at a young age, she started off in Togo back in 1997 where she went to plant trees in a village.

She has been all over Africa! After Togo, she then went on to work with "Medecins sans Frontieres" in Liberia and Sierra Leone. She also worked in Sudan with the French embassy and worked as a consultant for the World Health Orga…

Taste test challenge!

First school mid term break for the year, and we thought of starting it one morning with this fun taste test challenge! My son is definitely NOT a picky eater and is willing to try new types of food, however if you have  picky eaters try to lure them into opening up to new foods through this fun game!

Appreciation taught by the Kambamba School Children

For the past few months, and after around 7 years in Angola I can finally say that I am actually doing what i planned to when i first decided to move to Africa. Help the underprivileged, the children in these impoverished communities and through this I reach an inner satisfaction for being in this country.
It all happened when i met a group of amazing inspiring women who are part of the Kambamba school project , a school which i look forward to visiting every week, and which we fundraise for in different ways in Luanda.